Friday, February 17, 2012

Two beautiful churches

A week ago I visited some nice churches in the province of Dalsland. This province is like a Sweden in miniature. Here you´ll find agriculture landscape, wood, hills and lakes. The area isn´t populously today, but it has a great story. The first churches were built in the middle of the 12th century. Dalsland lies adjacent to the lake Vänern. In the old days it was common to go by boat and we can imagine that the people in Dalsland had contact with the people in the province of Västergötland. Västergötland was christianized around 1000 A.D.
The church of Bäcke was built in 1650. During this time it was uncommon to built a woodenchurch. In Sweden we usually used stones because of fire risk.
Bolsta church is from the 12th century and one of the oldest churches in Dalsland. The church is dedicated to Saint Laurentsius. Belive or not, the church accounts from the medieval times are kept at a museum in Gothenburg.
When the sun is shining I really like the winter in Sweden, so beautiful.


Jeni said...

My Swedish Great-grandparents on my Mom's father's side of my family tree were from Dalsland -Bolstad, to be precise -and this church looks like the one I have a photo of which a geneology friend of mine (from Sweden) tells me was the church of my ancestors. Such a beautiful picture it is and I treasure it.

Jeni said...

An addition to my earlier comment -I have that side of my family history traced back to the early 1600s! When I received the church records with the tree on there, I was really dumbfounded as I never ever thought I would be lucky enough to get records of my family dating that far back in time. Pretty good for a family of peasants to have their time on earth recorded that far, isn't it?

Ewa said...

Glad you like the picture. It´s so exciting reading the old records. We are lucky to have them.